PODCAST: Sing Street (S01E04)

Episode 4 of #AtlanticSC finds Jason and Lee gushing over John Carney’s indie wonder, Sing Street. The film stars a series of newcomers as well as Little Finger from Game of Thrones and Vera Bates from Downton Abbey. Thanks for listening! Be sure to come talk film with us!

Ep04 Breakdown
Pt.1  Trailer Talk   2:08
Pt.2  What Did You Watch This Week?  12:51
Pt.3 Feature Film Discussion: Sing Street   28:52

What did you think of Sing Street? Leave comments on the track or in the comment section below!

Here are the links to the Red Letter Media Episode on Jack & Jill (The Adam Sandler “Scam”)
Part 1

Part 2


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