PODCAST: There Will Be Blood – Paul Thomas Anderson Retrospective Pt. 3 (S01E15)

Episode 15 of #AtlanticSC finds Jason and Lee at their most pretentious, as they continue their Paul Thomas Anderson retrospective with 2007’s There Will Be Blood. The film stars oil derricks, a church, and a bastard from a basket.

Episode 15 Breakdown

Feature Film Discussion: There Will Be Blood   6:19
Idealism vs. Pragmatism   13:38
Transitions and the Opening Shot  23:17
References to Kubrick and Paul Virilio  47:38
Anderson and Family  1:07:34
Plainview and the Perversion of the Natural Order  1:12:39


How would you rate Anderson’s There Will Be Blood? Did you like the film? Sound off in the comment section below!

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