PODCAST: The Master – Paul Thomas Anderson Retrospective Pt.4 (S01E16)

This week, Jason and Lee are joined by Brendan Cassidy from the InSession Film Podcast to talk about Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master.  The film stars lots of alcohol, multiple lines of questioning, and the New York Times Best Seller “The Split Sabre.”

Episode 16 Breakdown

Feature Film Discussion: The Master  7:07
Transitions Pt.2: Pragmatism to Existentialism  11:17
Setting, Nature, and Isolation  19:00
Anderson and Family  36:46
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder  48:58
Hedonism vs. Utilitarianism: How The Master encapsulates
Paul Thomas Anderson’s career   1:10:52
Closing Thoughts and Shout Outs  1:30:26

How would you rate Anderson’s The Master? Did you like the film? Sound off in the comment section below!

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