PODCAST: Top Films of 2016 (S01E19)

Happy New Year! After a short break, #AtlanticSC is ready to kick off 2017 by looking back at their favorite films of 2016. Jason’s and Lee’s respective lists do not necessarily represent what consist of the “best” films of 2016, but rather the films they had the most affection for. Feel free to destroy their choices in the comment section. They know how cathartic and important it is to release negative feelings, which is why they provide you with content to interact with.

Here are some films NOT mentioned during the show: Don’t Breathe, Star Trek Beyond, Moonlight, La La Land, American Honey, Deadpool, Everybody Wants Some!, Elle, The Handmaiden, Jackie, Ghostbusters, The Jungle Book, Suicide Squad, Sausage Party, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Pete’s Dragon, The BFG, Swiss Army Man, and The Nice Guys.  The only film we regret not mentioning is Shane Black’s The Nice Guys, so we’re adding it to our honorable mentions list. We really enjoyed the film.

Episode 19 Breakdown

Pt. I: Plans for #AtlanticSC in 2017    4:46
Pt.II: “Worst” Films of 2016   15:25
Pt.III: Honorable Mentions    36:54
Pt.IV: #AtlanticSC’s Top Films of 2016    53:00

Agree or Disagree with #AtlanticSC’s Top Films of 2016? As stated earlier, feel free to either heap praise or take a dump in the comment section! We want to know what your Top Films of 2016 are! Be sure to like, share, follow #AtlanticSC on SoundCloud, and leave comments on the track. Please head over to iTunes and leave the AtlanticSC Podcast a review. It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for tuning in and we’re looking forward to discussing with you!

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