AtlanticSCNEXT 01 – The (First) One with Hermione

Here it is! The first episode of #AtlanticSCNEXT, Jason and Lee’s new subsidiary show to the #AtlanticSC Podcast.

On #AtlanticSCNEXT, we want to bring guests on to have free form conversations about film, filmmaking, what we watched during the week.

As we iron out the kinks of the new format, the segments will be as follows (for now):

What’s Up With You? (movie news, updates about the website and our guest’s website and work)
Film Quotes Read by Tweens
What Did You Watch This Week?

This week, Jason and Lee are accompanied by the ever so lovely Hermione Flavia from Wildfire Reviews and Craven Wild.

The (First) One with Hermione Episode Breakdown

What’s Up With You?  4:17

Film Quotes Read by Tweens  22:10

What Did You Watch This Week?  24:34

Here are some of the films we talk about:

In a Lonely Place
Manchester by the Sea
Uncertain (documentary)
Rome Open City
In the Heat of the Night
Trespass Against Us
Bad Moms
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Pantani: The Accidental Death of a Cyclist (documentary)

Be sure to send us feedback on the new #AtlanticSCNEXT segment. Also, please go and give Hermione Flavia a follow on Twitter, Instagram and on her websites Wildfire Motion Pictures and CravenWild.

Lastly, you know where to find us, but just in case, be sure to like, share, follow #AtlanticSC on SoundCloud, and leave comments on the track or in the comment section below or on iTunes. You can now find Atlantic Screen Connection on Stitcher Radio as well Overcast! Just look up AtlanticSC Podcast! We’re looking forward to discussing with you!

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