AtlanticSCNEXT 03 – The One With Collin

On this episode of #AtlanticSCNEXT, Jason and Lee are joined by Collin Llewellyn from the Another Film Podcast. We discuss Mad Men, The Last Jedi teaser, and at one point, Jason compares the film Lion to porn…

The One with Collin Episode Breakdown

Say Hello to Collin!

Film Quotes Read By Tweens:  5:51

What Did You Watch This Week:  7:37

The Last Jedi Teaser:   30:53

Here is a list of the films (and TV shows) we talk about:

There Will Be Blood
Rick and Morty
Mad Men
The Wire
The OA
Five Came Back
Louis CK 2017
The Last Jedi Teaser

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