PODCAST: SUPER DARK TIMES + Fantasia Fest 2017 Round-Up (S03E03)

This week on #AtlanticSC, Jason and Lee discuss SUPER DARK TIMES, a high school thriller directed by Kevin Phillips, starring Owen Campbell, Charlie Tahan, Elisabeth Cappuccino, and Max Talisman.

Your beloved co-hosts (yup, I assume that :)) also bring you a round-up of their coverage of the Fantasia International Film Festival! A total of thirteen films were watched and 12 are covered on the show (Jason saw Wild Blood (1983), the Turkish Rambo film, as a guilty pleasure, so it isn’t being reviewed).

Season 3 Episode 3 Breakdown

Legend of the Broken Sword Hero  4:34
Mohawk   8:40
Villainess  13:24
My Friend Dahmer  19:26
Most Beautiful Island  25:38
Brigsby Bear  29:12
Tilt  34:57
Shin Godzilla  40:25
Better Watch Out  45:56
A Ghost Story  49:56 (Click here for Jason’s review)
A Taxi Driver  51:34

Feature Film Discussion: SUPER DARK TIMES  1:00:26
Closing Thoughts and Shout Outs 1:31:02

Agree or disagree with any of our takes on the films? Leave comments on the track, below in the comment section, or send us an email at atlanticscpodcast@gmail.com

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