PODCAST: Top Films of 2016 (S01E19)

Happy New Year! After a short break, #AtlanticSC is ready to kick off 2017 by looking back at their favorite films of 2016. Jason’s and Lee’s respective lists do not necessarily represent what consist of the “best” films of 2016, but rather the films they had the most affection for. Feel free to destroy their choices in the comment section. They know how cathartic and important it is to release negative feelings, which is why they provide you with content to interact with.

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PODCAST: Rogue One A Star Wars Story (S01E18)

This week, Jason and Lee dedicate episode 18 of #AtlanticSC entirely to Star Wars and the new anthology film entitled Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The film stars lots of planets, Forest Whitaker, and a strange, blind squid that can live out of water and has the same powers as Professor X.

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PODCAST: Miracle on 34th Street (1947) (S01E17)

This week, Jason and Lee suck the joy out of Christmas as they destroy George Seaton’s Miracle on 34th Street. The film stars Macy’s department store, sexism, sexual frustration and psychotherapy. Ho, ho, ho…

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PODCAST: The Master – Paul Thomas Anderson Retrospective Pt.4 (S01E16)

This week, Jason and Lee are joined by Brendan Cassidy from the InSession Film Podcast to talk about Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master.  The film stars lots of alcohol, multiple lines of questioning, and the New York Times Best Seller “The Split Sabre.”

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PODCAST: There Will Be Blood – Paul Thomas Anderson Retrospective Pt. 3 (S01E15)

Episode 15 of #AtlanticSC finds Jason and Lee at their most pretentious, as they continue their Paul Thomas Anderson retrospective with 2007’s There Will Be Blood. The film stars oil derricks, a church, and a bastard from a basket.

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PODCAST: Arrival (S01E14)

Episode 14 of #AtlanticSC has Jason and Lee discussing Denis Villeneuve’s latest hit, the sensational Arrival. The film stars Abbott and Costello and lots of finger painting.

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