Given recent issues in the news revolving around privacy, Jason and Lee decided it was time to revisit Steven Spielberg’s MINORITY REPORT. So-damn-frequent-guest Kevin Brackett from REEL SPOILERS joins #AtlanticSC … again … to discuss why everybody, including Tom Cruise, runs.

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AtlanticSCNEXT 04 – The One With Chelsea

On this week’s #AtlanticSCNEXT, Jason and Lee are joined by one of their favorite people, Chelsea Williford from Chelsea Loves Movies! Among other things, we discuss Lee’s screening of The Promise, the Hobbit Trilogy, Being 17, and Collateral. Jason mentions he wants to kill the characters in Moana…

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PODCAST: Magnolia + Punch-Drunk Love – Paul Thomas Anderson Retrospective Pt.2 (S01E13)

This week’s episode of #AtlanticSC is Part 2 of the Paul Thomas Anderson retrospective. In this second part of the retrospective, Jason and Lee tackle Anderson’s Magnolia (1999) and Punch-Drunk Love (2002).

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PODCAST: Jack Reacher Never Go Back (S01E11)

This week, Jason and Lee give Jack Reacher naysayers the two-fingered salute as they underline both the negatives and the positives of Tom Cruise’s latest action/comedy. The film is directed by Edward Zwick and stars Tom Cruise running,  Tom Cruise sweating, Tom Cruise fighting, Tom Cruise bleeding, Tom Cruise threatening, and Tom Cruise killing.

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